Spring has Sprung

This morning I am sitting on my front porch. A warmish breeze is blowing a rogue strand of hair across my face and I tuck it behind my ear. A take a deep breath of fresh air and let myself relax. A robin just ran across the brick path in front of my house and the the wind chimes are chiming. I hear birds chirping and the occassional car drive by, but for the most part I am alone, but not lonely. Everywhere I look I see flowers and signs of new life. Hope plays a smile across my lips.

As the girls and I went on our evening walk with the dog, we noticed the trees started to leaf out. Yards have been neatly mowed and fresh mulch laid. The forecast for today is for a high of 76 degrees and sunshine. Spring has definitely sprung and summer is on its way. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Unlike autumn, a beautiful season for sure, but bittersweet as its warmth soon fades to the cold, darkness of winter, spring’s beauty becomes summer, sunshine and warmth. Although spring’s unpredictable moodiness brings lots of rainy days and unwelcome snow falls, I love those unexpectedly, wonderful days of warmth, the predictableness of the various flowers that pop up and bloom, the longer days of light and the knowledge that summer is almost here.

While this spring and potentially summer may be devoid of the usual hustle and bustle of activity usually associated with it (out stay at home quarantine has been extended for the second time until May 29), I am grateful. I knocked the wall in my way last week down. I am focusing on what I can control, doing my part to keep others safe, connecting with those I love and finding the little things in life that lift me up. Life has slowed down for sure, but that’s not all bad. In fact, I am confident I will energe a better person for it.

What do you think?

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