Knock! Knock!

a-to-z-letters-kWho’s there?

The letter “K.”

The letter “K” who?

I don’t know. I got nothing for the letter “K” in my A to Z blog challenge. I’ve only got two hours left to get this post out on Day 11. My sister thought I should write about karma. You know, ‘what goes around, comes around?’ But I’m afraid I might mess up my own karma should I write about said karma.

My mom thought I should write about my first kiss. If I recall correctly my first kiss happened at a junior-high party. It wasn’t on the dance floor or over a candle light dinner or anything like that. In fact it probably doesn’t really actually count as a first kiss anyway seeing as the only reason it happened in the first place was because the boy had the bad luck of having the glass Pepsi bottle point at me. I was a shy, geeky girl and only played the game because everyone else was; I didn’t want to be the only one not playing. Hmmmm…I think am starting to sense a pattern here (scary movies, kissing boys)… I’m so glad I’m over that ‘going along with everyone else’ part of my life. So as you can tell, writing about first kisses is out too.

My oldest daughter thought I should write about kangaroos.

“Kanagroos?” I asked. She nodded ‘yes’ as I looked at her with confusion in my eyes.

“Why?” I asked. She then explained to me that in the Winnie the Pooh stories there are two kangaroos. One is named “Kanga” and one is named “Roo,” as if I didn’t know this fact already.

“And, so?” I prompted still not following her on how this would make for an interesting or funny blog post.

She smiled brightly at me. “Together they are Kangaroo!” she enlightened.

“I know,” I replied.

“Well,” she continued. “I just figured that out a couple of weeks ago…Isn’t that funny?”

I twisted my mouth at her and smiled back. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

And so now you know why this post must end now as I’m sure no one is lying on the ground laughing.

“Knock! Knock!”

“Who’s there?”

“Knock! Knock!”

“Who’s there….”