The Grateful Procrastinator

My hands pause over my keyboard momentarily. I don’t know what to write. The words “Add Title” appear at the top of the page. I don’t know what to write. Writing headlines and titles are always a challenge for me to begin with, so I settle on “Untitled” for the moment. As I finally start to type to words miraculously begin to flow from my fingers. Watching the cursor jump across the page forming words inspires my to continue. For the past 25 weeks (this is week 26), I’ve posted on my blog. Not that anyone would miss me, if I skipped a week or three, but my pride wouldn’t let me break my writing streak.

I started…no actually I thought about writing this post yesterday afternoon. When I opened my laptop, I noticed that the screen was smudged with finger prints. I thought to myself, hmmm…I need some of those screen wipes. So I headed to Amazon instead of WordPress. I ordered the wipes and then remembered I was out of canned air. I get such pleasure out of blasting the crumbs and dust out of the crevices and cracks of my keyboard. I tell myself I won’t eat while I am working, but that lasts about five minutes! As I’m getting ready to check out, Amazon helpfully brings up other recommendations. Oh yeah, I was looking at laptop stickers the other day. I want my laptop to be cool like my daughters’ so I spend another 15 minutes perusing the sticker selections. My boyfriend asks me how my post is coming along. Opps my writing window evaporated and I admit to him I’m not feeling motivated to write. On the bright side, my Amazon order will be delivered to my door tomorrow (thank you Prime!).

Why am I blocked? I don’t want my blog to become a pit of negativity or by accused of moral superiority. I’m overwhelmed by the news this week…the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Senator McConnell’s rush to replace her before the election that is less than 45 days away (hypocrite?), ICE forcing immigrants/refugees to have hysterectomies and President Trump’s push to have a “patriotic” history taught in our schools and calling anti-racist education divisive. I could go on and on and point out why I am disturbed by all of the above. Maybe I will at some point. Then, I think what is the point? Anyone reading this that supports these policies won’t be swayed by me otherwise. Yet, I don’t want my voice to be silenced.

I drive by Trump/Pence sign after Trump/Pence sign and I’m disheartened. I truly don’t understand the support for a man filled with so much hate and so little empathy. This posted has digressed and now I’m depressing myself. So I will end with three things that I am grateful for…

  1. I made my first kugel Friday evening for Rosh Hashanah dinner with my boyfriend and his parents. We had a lovely time celebrating the new year. I am happy to see this one end sooner than later! I learned more about Jewish traditions and foods. We laughed and enjoyed each others’ company (at least I did!) L’Shanah Tova!
  2. As I drove home Friday evening, I pulled over in a safe place along Route 6 and rolled the window down. I felt the cool breeze on my face and enjoyed the beauty of the sky. The moon was a tiny yellow sliver in the darkening sky still painted in the pinks and oranges of the sunset. I could just make out the outline of the rest of the moon against that awe-inspiring backdrop. Of course, I tried to take a photo or two (my real reason for pulling over as driving and taking photos wouldn’t have been smart).
  3. My daughter and I made it home at exactly 8:29 last night just in time to watch Game 3 of the NBA Eastern Finals. I love to watch basketball, although I’m not typically an NBA fan, my daughter is in the know. I smiled to myself as I watched the smile play across her face as she texted one of her classmates (a boy!?!) who was cheering for Celtics. She and I have an affinity for the Heat. Even though they were losing when I went to bed (I can’t stay up that late – LOL. When my eyes feel heavy I go to bed! I don’t risk insomnia!), it was fun to watch the game with her.

And that concludes post #26…as I change the title of this post from “Untitled” to “The Grateful Procrastinator.”

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